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Vavavoom-bold, yet invisible to everybody but you and those in your beauty squad. This unique set of lightweight and virtually undetectable Glam BOLD lashes allow for a super dramatic fluttery effect. Add that special touch of drama to any look with our Glam BOLD lashes. A fun way to change your eyes for a night on the town or add extra glamour to an everyday outfit, these full-bodied premium vegan Korean Silk fiber lashes offer outstanding volume in a feather-light formula that is virtually invisible.


Beautiful lashes in 4 easy steps! Thanks to their thin, flexible band, Plume Lashes can be perfectly blended with your natural lashes. Be sure to start with clean, dry eyelashes and hands.


1. Brush a light coat of lash glue on the underside of fresh, clean, natural lashes. Wait a few seconds to let the glue get tacky.

2. Use the PLUME lash tool (or tweezers) to remove one lash insert from the tray. Remove the residual glue from the lash insert. This glue was applied during packing to keep the lash inserts in place within the packing tray.

3. Grip the lash insert, using your tool from the middle-outer end for optimal control and application.

4. One by one, gently place a lash insert underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from each other.


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