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What are Lash Inserts?

before-after glamlite d-curl hooded eyes
Both Glam LITE and Glam BOLD are offered in C-Curl and D-Curl. The curl style of a lash insert should be chosen for your eye shape.

plume lash c curlThe C-Curl, our most popular lash insert, is similar to a natural curl. It brings a more wide-eye effect, for an everyday look. They give the illusion of freshly curled lashes (with an eyelash curler).

plume lash d curlThe D-Curl is more dramatic and creates the illusion of a larger eye, with it's upward-sloping curl. D-Curl lash inserts are most visible from the front view of the eye.

Lash Inserts like Plume Lashes are small, banded-clusters of individual wispy lash fibers. The number of fibers banded on each lash insert determines whether it is a LITE lash insert or a BOLD lash insert. The band is ever so thin, that it is undetectable when placed under the natural lash.


The beauty of Plume Lashes is that they are placed under your natural lashes with a temporary lash glue. Placing the inserts under the lash line conceals the thin lash band, while giving volume to your natural lashes. Eyeliner is no longer necessary to hide the band of the lash insert! Adding inserts to your natural lashes give you full control to create a look that is as natural or dramatic as you like!

Plume Lashes offers 3 different lash insert lengths

  • 10 short (10mm)
  • 10 medium (12mm)
  • 10 long length(14mm)
Our lash inserts are made with premium vegan Korean silk fibers. Each set of inserts can be worn up to 4 days. With proper cleaning and care, inserts may be reused.