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Say NO to overdrawn, clumpy, and spidery lashes. Say YES to more volume, length, shape, and the confidence that comes with natural-looking eyelashes. Plume Lashes are naturally lightweight. We have received so many compliments on how natural they look!



Are you ready to get started? Customize your glam with lashes that are featherweight, flexible, and easy to apply so you can achieve the perfect everyday lash look.

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Are you a busy person who wants a simple way to look beautiful? Get your hands on our Glam LITE lash inserts. They're perfect for when you want to look awake, polished, and glam without going overboard for the daytime.

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Love eyelash extensions but don’t have the time? Tired of your placing strip lashes with glue on your eyelids? Worried about how magnetic glue may irritate your eyelids? Our lash inserts are placed under the natural lash - no eyeliner needed! Since the inserts are glued to your natural lash, there is no need to hide the lash band and no need to apply mascara!

Want to customize your lash look? Look no further, Plume Lash inserts are the answer. In each package there are 30 INSERTS, so that you can FULLY CUSTOMIZE YOUR LASH LOOK! Choose from Glam BOLD and Glam LITE lash inserts. Customize further with C-Curl and D-Curl inserts.

Our Lash inserts can give you the look and feel of extensions that can last up to four days! Lash looks are simply suggestions, feel free to create your own that complements your eye type. Be your own lash insert stylist!

Doll eye or baby doll eye looks are typically known for the longest lash located a the middle of the eye, making the eye appear round and larger. This look is recommended for those with almond or narrow eye shapes and wide-set eyes.
Natural eye looks will make you look like you were born with long lashes. The shape follows the fairly consistent shape as your natural eyelashes. This look is recommended for round, and almond eye shapes.
Round or open eye looks tend to accentuate the center of the eye that tapers down at each end to shorter lengths. We recommend this look for hooded and monolid, round, close-set, downturned, protruding and almond shapes.
Cat eye looks are longer a the outer corners of the eyes and gradually get shorter towards the inner corner. Recommended for almond, round, close set and hooded shapes.