Add drama to any look with GLAM BOLD inserts by Plume. Available in Black, our consumer-favorite, enhancement lashes are now even bolder. The new Glam BOLD lash inserts will give you a volume lash with an INVISIBLE fluttery, fully-body look that's completely natural looking and weightless.

Bold, yet invisible to everybody but you and those in your beauty squad. This unique set of lightweight and virtually undetectable Glam Bold lashes allow for a dramatic fluttery effect. 

  • Made with premium vegan Korean Silk fibers, to produce a volume lash with an INVISIBLE fluttery, fully-body look.
  • 30 dramatic lash inserts in each box.
  • Glam BOLD lash Inserts aim for a more fluttery, dramatic look, offer more fibers on each lash band.
  • They remain lightweight and virtually undetectable!

Choose from C-Curl and D-Curl.